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BODY ARK -Your Personal Trainer in Colchester

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13 Years Personal Training Experience

Trained over 1000 clients in my time as a qualified coach

Perfect for Fitness Novices and Advanced clients

Have a choice on life learning coaching or a "done for you" strategy.


Prices vary on;

  • Number of sessions

  • How long you intend to train with me for (I do not do 1 off sessions)

  • Whether you require any additional services such as nutrition, Training program, Educational platform.

    Therefore prices have to be custom and flexibl
    e to suit all clients. Clients who intend to stay for longer will get cheaper rates. (Results Vary)

    It is easier for me to sit down with you in a consultation to discuss what your needs are.

    If your goal is weight loss:

  • Males can lose weight loss faster than woman due to 10-20x more Testosterone, muscle mass and increased metabolism.

  • Females; The studies on cycles do not represent sufficient evidence to have any effect on weight gain/ weight loss although I have compiled some great resources information for you that will assist you maximise on results with.

  • Unanimously studies show that you can gain 1-1-2.2 pound of muscle per month on average when eating, sleeping and training efficiently.

  • Studies also show that achievable weight loss averages between:
    You can lose up to 2.2-5.5 pounds per week without the loss of muscle mass (sustainable fat loss).​

  • I don't mess around when it comes to your results!  All the advice I give you is planned and structured without bias.

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Personal Training
In Colchester

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'1-1 Personal Trainer Near Me'

Coach: Andrew Mill

Body Ark is here to help you reach your fitness goals with their personalised, 1-1 personal training service in Colchester. This service focuses on Colchester weight loss, fat loss, body transformations, and improving body confidence - helping you to achieve the body and the results you want


I cover everything with my clients:

  1. Personal Training Sessions; I will train you 1-1 with personal sessions pushing you and teaching you how to achieve your goal.

  2. Done for you strategy; Take away the thinking and have someone lay the foundations for you. All you have to do is take the path.

  3. Accountability Check-ins; Every week you will check in with me to see how you are getting on with your training, nutrition and 'Smart Habits'

  4. Nutrition Plan; Discuss your dietary preferences and needs. I will create a custom nutrition plan based on your health, body and lifestyle (Special diets welcome).

  5. Custom Training Plan; All clients recieve a well planned and thought out training plan that has correct periodistion and dedicated phases for maxmimal results.

  6. Educational Library; Have access to a huge library of Meal plans, educational e-books and video courses teaching you how to maximise on your lifestyle all made by me.

  7. BODY ARK 'APP'; All clients will have access to my members app that is updated weekly. You will have access to all your training and nutrition from your pocket

I love helping people, I believe a good business provides unique value and a personal experience.

What our 1-1 Clients Say

"I cannot recommmend @body_ark_coaching high enough Andy is a super patient, knowledgable and all round nice guy who makes the whole process of bettering yourself so much more achievable, and enjoyable! Meeting Andy was a complete game changer for me! Drop him a DM, you will not regret it!"

Lee (Losing just over 1 stone)


I Train most of my clients at Pump Gym Colchester
(Colchester's highest rated gym of 2023)

Home Personal Training

I can train you at your home with my equipment I will bring to you.

Different Prices factored in due to distances


Client Stories