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Testimonies From Online Personal Training Clients and Face to Face Clients:

Here is what some of our clients say about BODY ARK Online Personal Trainer and 1-1 Personal Training Colchester:

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Client Testimonials

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a year ago

Andi is an amazing PT and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a professional and high quality PT. Not only does he help you get the results you're after, he is a genuine nice guy who you will almost definitely have a laugh with in each session you have with him. He always puts in the time and effort to suit your needs whatever they may be.
I progressed hugely while training with Andi; at the start I could barely hold a tuck planche, but after a few months I was well on my way to holding a straddle planche.

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Lee Rand

Working with Andi was a complete game changer for me! I dropped a stone in 6 months without having to be too restrictive with my diet, the workouts were kept simple and enjoyable and regular check ins with Andi kept me on track at all times! Would 100% recommend him to anyone, regardless of what your fitness goals may be!

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Georgie Keller

I've been training with Andi for 2 years now and I couldn't recommend him enough. He is a great PT who's happy to cater workouts to your needs. From calisthenics, to weight lifting, to rehabilitation, he's always been helpful and supportive in achieving goals.

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Three months ago I started exercising with Andi as my trainer. Not having exercised for a long time I was apprehensive but when I met and got to know Andi I knew that he was the perfect coach for me. He is professional yet kind, patient and understanding.
His encouragement has given me the confidence that I needed the most. I am pleased with my progress and feel assured that with his continued training and encouragement I would continue getting good results and attain my goal.

Thank you for helping me get into a new and healthier lifestyle!

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Jack Coble

One of the best decisions I've made was going with Andi for my personal training needs. I started out as a complete beginner in the gym, but Andi coached me through every step I needed to take in order to maximise my training sessions and weight loss. He has definitely set me on the right path to continue my fitness journey!

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Dayne Nochols

Top Trainer! I have always worried about training and very conscious in a gym. Andy made me feel totally at ease in the sessions. He tailored them to suite me aswell around my busy lifestyle. I can not thank him enough for his efforts and long term support. I lost 60lbs and got fit and healthy. Andy advise is second to none and his passion is infectious.

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Andi is an exceptional personal trainer! His knowledge and encouragement has exceeded my expectations- he really goes above and beyond to make sure each session is both challenging and enjoyable.

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If you're looking for a colchester personal trainer, I would highly recommend Andi! He is professional, knowledgeable and passionate about helping others. I've already seen amazing results after a few months working with Andi!

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Andi is has been training me every week for a year and a half now. Since I started working with him I’ve pushed myself to move my body in different ways, hitting higher PBs and learning to hold handstands. The best bit is that I have massively improved my relationship with food and found a consistent way to train, knowing it’ll help me hit my goals with Andi’s expert help.

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Tiia B

Andi has helped me with calisthetics basics for the past 4 months and I've enjoyed every session we have had so far. I am looking forward to continuing this journey. I would highly recommend him!

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Charles Sliney

100% recommend!!!

I was initially very skeptical in regards to using a personal trainer after a previous bad experience but I have to say Andi has been fantastic. I would almost bet money that I am probably one of his worst clients lol, but he is always very patient with me, he lets me complain through out the training sessions together and he still pushes me further than I’d ever push myself. And as brutally hard as I have found some training sessions my I-watch assured me that Andi has made me fitter health wise.

P.S- Andi also has to put up with some weird topics that some reason I choose to discuss. The most recent being that I saw a sabertooth tiger in the shadow of the weight bench and he actually embraced it and had a look lol. I guess I’m just adding that when around Andi you forget that he is someone you’re paying to torture you and you actually feel like you have a friend who wants to see you succeed lol. So thank you Andi for not giving up on me :)

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Albert Pavelin

Training with Andi is a perfect balance of enjoyment and hard work. His knowledge brings a great sense of understanding to why the movements are important and you feel supported throughout the whole process. If you're looking for new skills and fantastic progress, Body Ark is the place!

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Leah Shaw

Body Ark is a great service and provides you with all of the tools for a successful and all rounded fitness journey. Andi is an excellent knowledgeable coach who is easy to get on with and pushes you to reach your potential through encouragement and positivity. Highly recommend!

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Seb Warner

Andy helped me find my motivation again. He set out a brilliant easy to follow training program via the app which has helpful video clips too.
He helped me push myself in our one on one sessions. Thanks Andy

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