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Online Personal Training Vs 1-1 Personal Training

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

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One-on-One Personal Training Prices

One-on-one personal training prices can range from £20 to £50 per session in some areas, while in more affluent areas, prices can be double that amount. However, the UK average for one-on-one personal training is around £35 per session. If you opt for two sessions per week over six months, the average monthly cost would be around £303.33, not including gym membership.

When it comes to online personal training, prices can vary greatly depending on the service provided. Many online personal trainers charge 2-3 times the amount they charge for a one-hour in-person session. However, it is essential to find a quality service that provides value for your money. The average price for online personal training services starts from around £70 per month, with some coaches charging between £150 to £245 per month.

The Importance of Choosing a Quality Service from 1-1 coach or personal trainers online

It is important to note that not all personal trainers are created equal. While face-to-face coaching can be incredibly effective, it can be challenging to find a coach with the necessary skills to help you reach your goals. However, with the evolution of technology, online coaching has become more personalised and effective. With video weekly check-ins giving regular feedback and personalised training plan specifically tailored to you, clients can work with the best online personal trainers in the world for less than it might cost to work with a newly qualified personal trainer at a local gym who gives anecdotal dietary advice that worked for them but might not work for you. Online Personal training can be great for people with a busy lifestyle where they can do workouts in their own home if they choose. My coaching can offer a bespoke diet plan that will encourage clients to eventually become intuitive eaters of their own.

The Service Provided by Personal Trainers and online personal trainer

The service provided by personal trainers also varies greatly some giving advice based on their own experience and others giving expert advice from peer reviewed research. While one-on-one personal training may provide focused attention, it may not include training plans/ training program or nutritional advice. On the other hand, online personal training/ virtual personal training typically includes more guidance towards achieving your goals for weight loss, fat loss, build muscle/ muscle building, improved body composition, confidence in your own skin, energy levels and gain things like improved overall health, better lifestyle, reduced stress levels, reduced blood pressure, indefinitely better healthy eating habits but it's essential to be careful when choosing a service. Be sure to research and read reviews to find the right service for you to make sure you make the right cost effective option when choosing your fitness journey and training sessions.

Nutrition Coaching: An Often Overlooked Aspect of Personal Training and online personal training uk

Nutrition coaching is not in your average gym personal trainer (generally speaking of course) I would know because I was one myself. In the fitness industry its not really any of the personal trainers faults. It's because a lot of them are sold the dream that they will all be super successful which is not the case when you just start. Did you know that 87% of personal trainers give up after the first year of starting their business. A lot goes into a personal training business such as become a certified personal trainer for starts and then, nutrition qualifications, Other personal training qualifications that make you stand out as a knowledgeable coach and then understanding how to keep clients motivated and also, knowing what is useful to clients, business mindset and business know how, marketing strategies. you pretty much need to be not just a jack of all trades but a king. it is a career path after all.

 Online Personal training, online pt Body Ark Personal Trainers client
Online Personal Trainer U.K. Body Ark transformation photo

But anyway, going back to nutrition coaching and how it can help you create healthy habits and have a healthy lifestyle long term. With the right nutrition plan specifically designed for you can completely change your diet, health and everyday life and not just your body fat or achieving an amazing body transformation/ progress photos.

In conclusion, personal training/ pt sessions or online personal training/ virtual personal training is an investment in your health and fitness, and the cost of these services can vary depending on location, quality, and level of personalisation. Whether you choose one-on-one personal training or online coaching/ online training, it's important to find a service that provides value for your money and helps you achieve your goals. With the constant rise and power of technology, the future of the fitness world is incredibly exciting, and personal training has never been more accessible or effective. If you would like some help and support from me check out:

  • Direct contact with me and messaging

  • 1-1 weekly check-ins with a coach with expert advice and knowledge (video call)

  • A personalised exercise bespoke training program based on your current fitness level for home and in local gym workouts (available equipment e.g. resistance bands)

  • Members Exclusive App; video tutorial and other coaching materials

  • Nutrition coaching with the options of meal plan/ diet plan

  • weekly goal setting for you to achieve your muscle building , fat loss and fitness goal

  • lifestyle coaching support for you to progress in your real life outside of exercise and gym

  • community support group who have similar exercise fat loss and health and fitness goals Trust me online training works here are some of my clients progress photos and body transformation. And...

Here is my personal message to you and not from a personal trainer! No matter what you are going through in life you can still make a positive change today and become an amazing confident version of yourself that others will look at and go wow what a role model!

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